X Factor’s Rylan Clark and Christopher Maloney have HUGE bust up, refuse to be in the same room as each other

It seems a day doesn't go by when the X Factor's Christopher Maloney hasn't been involved in some sort of backstage drama.

Christopher and Rylan have reportedly come to blows. Copyright [Wenn]

And today we're afraid to say is no different.

According to The Metro, Christopher Maloney has now come to blows with fellow contestant Rylan Clark.

Is there anyone who hasn't fallen out with the crooner yet?

A show insider told the paper: "Christopher has been really bugging Rylan backstage - and Chris isn't everyone else's favourite contestant either.

"The two of them have really clashed over the past week, culminating in a massive fight.

"A lot was said and a few choice swear words bandied around."

We can see it now- the raised high pitched screams, the dramatic hand gestures- we bet it was quite the sight to  behold.

https://media.zenfs.com/en-GB/blogs/the-juice/chrischeese.jpgChristopher has been garnering a substantial amount of bad press. Copyright [Rex]

And it seems that the two decided not to clear the air with each other like adults, instead taking a somewhat more childish approach to their falling out.

The insider continued: "They don't want to be anywhere near each other and are refusing to share the contestants' communal dressing room.

"Chris can come across as arrogant and some of the other contestants think he's fake and puts an act on for the cameras."

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Will there ever be an end to these rumours that Christopher Maloney isn't such a nice guy?

The X Factor contestant told omg! earlier this week that he doesn't let stories about him in the press get him down because they are 'all lies'.

Still, we can't help thinking that there's no smoke without fire…

The X Factor continues tonight at 8pm on ITV1.