X Factor is over, Tulisa goes back to the day job

X Factor is over after another amazing series. However, it looks like Tulisa isn't having any time off after the three month stint.

TulisaTulisa was back to performing just days after The X Factor final. Copyright [WENN]Despite The X Factor only finishing on Sunday, Tulisa is already back to work this time doing her day job, performing at a BT event and appearing on This Morning.

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If we'd been working on The X Factor for three months we'd probably want to lie in a darkened room for a few weeks.

After all, selecting a dress for each live show would be tiring enough and that's before any of the mentoring lark.

However, Tulisa has an album to promote, because despite being an X Factor judge and author and perfumer and new girlfriend to Danny Simpson, she is actually a singer.

TulisaTulisa also appeared on This Morning where she talked about her nerves on X Factor. Copyright [Rex]Tulisa's album, The Female Boss, failed to set the charts alight debuting at number 17.

And it could have had something to do with the shaky performance she gave on The X Factor two weeks ago.

However, Tulisa revealed on This Morning that she was suffering from serious nerves.

She said: "That was terrifying, I don't even want to talk about that. I have never been so scared in all my life. For some reason, just doing it there, the pressure is completely different. I don't even get nervous anymore usually and I literally was just shaking. My legs started going, I thought I was going to faint. I couldn't control what I was doing."