X Factor’s Nicole Scherzinger wants Lewis Hamilton to be a dad like Gary Barlow!

X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger has confessed that she wants nothing more than to start a family with boyf Lewis Hamilton.

Hey Lewis, Nicole wants your babies! Copyright: [rex]

The Pussycat Doll has confessed that ultimately it's family which means everything to her and she can't wait to settle down and be a mum.

Nicole says: "I definitely want kids. I come from a big family. Family is so important to me. It's everything."

And who would she like her baby's Daddy to be just like? None other than her fellow X Factor judge, Gary Barlow! Aww.

Nicole thinks Gary is just fab. Copyright: [rex]

Nic confessed that she reckons Gary is a fab dad and most definitely deserves the title of Celebrity Dad of the Year!

"I think I really liked him the day I found out he won Celebrity Dad Of The Year."

"The pride he takes in his family and children — he's a true gentleman. He's a lovely, honest human. And he's a great dad. All he does is talk about his family. I love that."

And Nicole's Barlow gushing didn't stop there, nope, she went on to day even more reasons why he is such a fab human being.

"He's just a grade A human. It kind of sucks. He puts us all to shame."

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"I thought I was something special until I came on the show. I thought the fans were waving at me but they just knocked me aside to take pictures of Gary. I was like, 'Really? That's what's happening now? All right, I'll take the picture of you with Gary'.

And Nicole reckons there is only one thing left to do…

"He's going to be knighted. It just sounds right — Sir Gary Barlow."

Oi Queen, do you hear that? We hope she is listening, it certainly has a brilliant ring to it.