X Factor’s Nicole Scherzinger rushes back to America for her grandma’s funeral

Nicole Scherzinger has had to leave X Factor in the middle of rehearsals after recieving the news that her grandmother had passed away.

Nicole has rushed back to the US for the funeral. Copyright: [rex]

Nicole was forced to leave her boys in the lurch in order to make it to the funeral.

Her gran passed away over the weekend and it is now believed that is why Nicole was pushed to tears when District3 performed Tears in Heaven on Saturday.

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The judge decided to fly back to America with Lewis Hamilton to give her granny the send off she deserves.

Nicole decided to wait until Monday so that she could be there to support her group over the weekend.

District 3's performance left Nicole in tears. Copyright: [rex]

A source told The Sun that while Nicole was upset, she didn't want to leave her boys for the live shows.

"She was devastated over her gran. Her first instinct was to rush home, but she made a commitment to those boys and her family assured her she could fly on Monday."

We just hope she manages to spend some time with her family and tries to enjoy the day as best she can.

Manwhile, it seems the contestants just can't stop singing Nicole's praises.

Last night we caught up with Melanie Masson who said Nicole had been offering constant support since she left the show and was an 'inspiration'.

Plus when we chatted with District3 earlier in the week it seemed they just couldn't stop talking about 'amazing' Nicole.

And we know what they mean, she is most definitely the star of this year's X Factor!