X Factor: Nicole Scherzinger has a right old ‘mare, calls Rylan Clark James Arthur

Nicole Scherzinger had a right nightmare on tonight's X Factor when she managed to introduce not only the wrong act, but into the wrong camera.

Nicole had a right old 'mare tonight! Copyright: [rex]

We are almost certain she has been on the old cherry 'Brini under the desk.

Dressed as a prawn, Nicole got all flustered ahead of Rylan Clark's second performance and looking the total wrong way said James Arthur's name by mistake.

By this stage, we wouldn't have been surprised if Jahmene Douglas had popped up on stage or even the late great MK1!

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Thus, is the perils of live TV, eh? It really had to be one of the biggest cock ups we have seen in a while on telly.

But who doesn't love a live TV slip up?

Basically, what we learned from tonight's show is that Nicole Scherzinger is a truly fabulous human being and makes some of the best TV around.

Even when she doesn't mean to.

Nicole later apologised for the gaffe, saying she read her sheet wrong.

James smashed it as per. Copyright: [rex]

In other X Factor related goss from tonight's show, James Arthur really did manage to proper smash it as per.

We actually cannot believe he was in the bottom two last week.

And it would seem we are not the only ones who enjoyed James' performance.

Niall Horan from One Direction was watching from home and tweeted his approval, saying:

"Wow @JamesArthur23 was incredible tonight! He's gonna sell unbelievable amounts of records! Can't wait to buy that album!"

Question is, what will happen tomorrow? Will Nicole get the right camera? Will Dermot fall off the stage?

Who blimmin' well knows!