X Factor’s Nicole Scherzinger looks frankly SCHERMAYZING performing with James Arthur

Nicole Scherzinger looked absolutely, ridiculously fab performing alongside James Arthur at his homecoming gig in Middlesbrough.

X Factor stars' hysterical homecoming X Factor finalists Christopher Maloney and James Arthur escaped the London bubble and returned to their respective home towns

We hope they look this good on Saturday! Copyright: [PA]

Yep, in between threatening to 'f*ck up' Frankie Boyle and rehearsing for this weekend's final, James managed to fit in a little performance with Nicole Scherzinger.

We reckon we are supposed to be looking at James, and to be honest normally we would be gawping at his beautiful face.

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However, we just keep getting distracted by Nicole's general gorgeousness.

Thigh high boots and a teeny tiny skirt? Brilliant work upstaging your own act, Nic!

Nicole trying out some moves with James. Copyright: [PA]

Still, we are sure that James didn't mind and if anything, now fancies his mentor more than ever before.

We bet Middlebrough didn't know what had hit them. Copyright: [PA]

Meanwhile, James has admitted that he just can't believe where he is right now.

As in metaphorically and all that, obvs.

James says that he can't believe that this time last year he was struggling with depression and now he could quite possibly win the X Factor this weekend.

James told The Sun: "Back then I was suffering severe depression. I had just given up on a lot of things, I gave up on myself."

"I didn't want to leave the house, I couldn't get out of bed,"

"It's surreal. This time last year I was looking out at the sea from the pier and thinking I'd never fulfil my purpose in life and now I'm here with Nicole Scherzinger at my homecoming."

Watch James perform at The X Factor final this Saturday, we are crossing all our fingers and toes it is SCHERMAYZING!