X Factor Melanie Masson: District 3 thought they should have left

Last night's eliminated X Factor contestant Melanie Masson has revealed that District 3's Greg West told her that he thought she should have been saved over his band.

Melanie told us that District 3 were upset she left the competition last night. [Copyright Rex]

Talking exclusively to omg! this morning, Melanie admitted that the boys approached her following their sing off which led to her elimination.

She told us: "They were really upset- Greg came up to me and said 'We're the ones who should have gone'."

"But I told them-'you deserve to be here, you were amazing don't ever think that, focus on what you have to do and smash it every week and I'll be fine'."

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When the two acts were waiting to hear the results last night it was clear that the boys looked up to Melanie, hugging her and wishing the Mum-of-two good luck.

Melanie admits that she was happy to act as the boy's X Factor Mum during her time on the show.

She said:  "They were like my babies; I was like their surrogate Mum when I was there!"

"They are so lovely, they're such lovely people that I really wanted them to do well as well. I think they're amazing, their harmonies are beautiful."

Melanie was happy that she was able to even reach the live shows. [Copyright Rex]

Despite going out in week two of the competition, Melanie Masson is adamant that she doesn't mind that she has gone.

She explained: "I'm happy that I've had this opportunity. It doesn't matter if I went this week or next week, I never expected to win, I never expected to get to the live shows."

"For me it is a huge achievement which is why I don't feel sad in any way."

The X Factor continues next weekend on ITV1.