Pregnant X Factor contestant Sese Foster hospitalised, Miss Dynamix to go through to next week. Meanwhile Kingsland Road lose second Flash Vote, are in bottom two.

Well we can't say we saw it coming.

Miss Dynamix (l-r Jeanette, Sese, Rielle) will be passed to next week while Sese recovers [Copyright: Rex]

It was a night of pure drama on The X Factor with contestants Miss Dynamix getting a free pass to next weekend due to health reasons, the judges bickering left right and centre (especially Sharon Osbourne) AND Kingsland Road ending up in the bottom two. Just how did we wind up in this strange place?

Miss Dynamix's Sese Foster, who revealed last week that she was six months pregnant, was hospitalised earlier today after saying she felt 'unwell' during the dress rehearsal for tonight's show. While she didn't have any specific ailments at the time, X Factor producers felt it best to take the precaution of getting her medical attention given her condition. Host Dermot O'Leary took a moment out midway through the broadcast this evening to announce that she is "doing very well and is resting at home."

Sese Foster was hospitalised earlier today, though has since returned home. She is six months pregnant. [Copyright: …

The end result of this is that Miss Dynamix have been given a free pass to next week as Sese would have been singing lead vocals on their planned performance tonight. Her band mates Jeanette Akua and Rielle Carrington both commented backstage that though they are "extremely disappointed" they wouldn't be performing tonight "Sese's health comes first."

The news was first broken on Twitter by Jonathan Ross who created a mini panic when he announced his own show would be on air five minutes early due to 'someone' dropping out of X Factor.

Had the girls been on they would have been treated to a number of good natured spats and tizzies amongst the judges tonight, particularly courtesy of Sharon. Several times throughout the evening Mrs O got claws out when a difference of opinion with any judge (though particularly Nicole) began to arise. By the end of the evening, "I don't know what's wrong with *insert judge name here* tonight!" had almost become her unofficial catchphrase.

The judges got into a number of (good natured) tiffs tonight [Copyright: Rex]

Apparently she wasn't alone in feeling this way. The audience themselves were polled on whose critique was most on form tonight, with Louis Walsh finishing last with a blush-inducing 4% of the vote.

However no matter what the judges might have thought of the acts tonight, there was no way anyone could have predicted the results of the second flash vote. Boy band Kingsland Road landed in the Bottom Two and will perform in the Sunday Sing-Off.

Kingsland Road lost the second Flash Vote and will compete in the Sunday Sing-Off [Copyright: Rex]

It came as a particularly big surprise since the boys' performance was definitely one of the stronger of the evening, especially alongside the cringe fest of last week's Flash Vote loser Shelley Smith shaking her money maker to 'All the Single Ladies,' or quirky Abi Alton and her leaden dead eyed take on 'Can't Get You Out of My Head.' Perhaps the world has finally decided we already have one boy band too many.

Needless to say it was a head-spinning night, and things will only get bigger and better tomorrow with special guests Robin Thicke and Katy Perry. We can't wait to see what they have planned and who Kingsland Road will be going up against (we're guessing Shelley, but that might just be our cringe o' meters going into overdrive). Most of all, we wish a very speedy recovery to Sese and can't wait to see her and the girls of Miss Dynamix back next weekend.

A few X-tra bits

-Yes Rough Copy, leather skirts are very popular this year but we're still not sold on wearing them with white dinner jackets. And when you're a man.

-Anyone else beginning to wonder if Abi Alton grows flowers in her hair? Maybe she should give Luke Friend some tips.

-You all heard Nicole singing about hair growing on Nick's balls right? THAT'S the dedication you need to become an X Factor Judge.

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