X Factor: Nicholas McDonald struggles with Beyonce number, Nicole Scherzinger pretty much swears on national television

It was a night of last minute saves.
Nicholas McDonald seconds after finishing his version of Beyonce's Halo. He looks like the epitome of "Oh God Whyyyyy." …

It's the semi finals on The X Factor and with only four contestants remaining (well six if you count all the members of group Rough Copy) things are getting tense. This week's theme was Beyonce vs Elton John where contestants sang two songs, one from each of those titans of pop. The big shocker of the evening came courtesy of Scottish singer Nicholas 'So cute he should be a puppy' McDonald who gave a horrendously pitchy and reaching rendition of Beyonce's Halo. Would he be able to pull it together for his Elton song later in the show? Catch up on that moment, Nicole basically dropping the S-word on national television and more in our list below!

1. Luke Friend surprised nobody when he played a folk rock Beyonce cover. But he DID perform his Elton song without his guitar! So basically he was naked. More importantly, all the dry ice got in the way of our ability to judge whether Luke has listened to our crying and put on some socks.
We THINK Luke Friend still isn't wearing socks, but we're just not sure. AND WE'RE NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. [Rex]

2. Speaking of Luke, SHARON OSBOURNE GAVE HIM A NEW NICKNAME: My darling little hairball. We are officially stealing this.
We'd LOVE to know some of the nicknames she has for Ozzy. [Rex]

3. Rough Copy absolutely nailed Destiny's Child's Survivor (and kind of so-so'd Elton), but we'd just like to point out how much they're tempting fate by playing that song. If they're out tomorrow it's because the spirits of Destiny's Child looked down and said, "No Rough Copy - you are not survivors, you should just stop."

Will Rough Copy be survivors tomorrow? [Rex]

4. Nicole Scherzinger leapt up to furiously argue with Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne during their critique of Rough Copy. We're sure they shouted interesting things, but we were distracted with fear/hope that Nicole's top was definitely leading to a wardrobe malfunction.
Seriously Nicole Scherzinger, you had to adjust that top WAY too many times for comfort tonight. [Rex]

5. Sam Bailey followed the Law of Elton and sang Candle in the Wind (why yes, of course she rocked it). We like to pretend she's screaming in the picture below because the band members are actually ghosts
Of course even when Sam Bailey is screaming about ghosts she still sounds like she's singing, she can't help it. …

After Sam finished singing/being haunted by ghosts Nicole said that Sam's singing makes her go: "Oh S**t…(excruciatingly long pause)…take mushrooms." Nice save Nicole, we definitely believe that was always what you were going to say. She then repeated it three or four times and we can only imagine the producers off screen having heart attacks and softly crying to themselves.
Next week we're expecting Nicole to have to cover with "I WAS SAYING VACUUM." [Rex]

7. We had such hopes for Nicholas's version of Beyonce's Halo. However it was obvious he was struggling from the start, and when he hit THAT note it was bit like a cat going through a harsh puberty while screaming. His version of Elton's Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me was definitely slicker, but will it be enough to erase that first performance?

Nicholas McDonald seconds after finishing his version of Beyonce's Halo. He looks like the epitome of "Oh God Whyyyyy." …

And THAT was tonight's X Factor. What did you think of it? Did you enjoy the Beyonce songs or the Elton songs more? And who will be in the BOTTOM TWO? Join us tomorrow for the results, plus massive performances from guest stars Leona Lewis and Michael Buble! Meanwhile catch up on all the blow by blow action with our live blog below.

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