X Factor’s James Arthur: ‘I’d love to meet a woman’ Caroline Flack, are you listening?

X Factor finalist James Arthur has admitted that he would love to meet a woman 'to share everything with'.

James is TOO gorge! Copyright: [LOOK]

OK, don't all put your hands up at once.

Speaking to Look magazine, James has dished the dirt on all sorts of sauce.

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Well, after seeing endless pictures of James surrounded by ladies, we reckon it's about time he explained himself.

And James admits that any ladies visiting his hotel room recently most probably got an impromptu performance of Let's Get it On before they er, got it on.

Would you date James? We reckon we would. Copyright: [LOOK]

James says: "That song is one of my favourites. It's definitely one for the girls, when I take them back to my hotel. Maybe I've done that once or twice!"

And James isn't short of ladies chucking themselves at him:

The singer says: "I had some glamour models messaging  me on Twitter and saying they think I'm hot, but I'm being careful."

James Arthur.Phwoar. Copyright [WENN]

"I'm happy single, although I'd love to meet a woman to share everything I'm going through."

And we reckon James is hoping that a certain Caroline Flack is listening.

Any one who watches Xtra Factor will know  that they pretty much love each other and it's only a matter of time before they start snogging.

Unless they stay in denial forever, that is.

To read the  interview with James Arthur in full  see the new issue of LOOK magazine out now"