X Factor’s James Arthur’s card is declined THREE times, surely he is rich by now?!

James Arthur must have been feeling rather silly after his credit card was declined a rather embarrassing three times!

James was declined, awks! Copyright: [Splash]

James tried three times to pay £771.74 for a load of caps and each time the card failed to go through.


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He then tried calling his Mum *ahem* someone at the till to help him out but still had no luck.

However, in the end the manager stepped in and let James take his stuff for free after he promised to come back and pay at a later date.

James was eventually let off the hook! Copyright: [Splash]

A source told The Sun: “The manager stepped in and said he could take the goods and pay for them at a later date.”

Only in celebland, eh?

But he managed to get the lot for free begging the question: was it all a cap-scam? Is James, in fact, an undercover Real Hustle celeb?

Or perhaps it was fate stopping him buying such an obscene amount of hats...

Or rather, is he still awaiting his pay cheque from old Simon Cowell who is currently sunning his man boobs in Barbados and probably forgot to pop it in the post.

Either way, we love it when celebs get declined.