X Factor’s Jahmene Douglas: ‘I tried to kill myself after years of abuse’

X Factor hopeful Jahmene Douglas has opened up about the years of abuse he suffered at the hands of his Dad saying it once got so bad he attempted suicide.

Brave Jahmene has opened up about his childhood abuse. [Copyright Wenn]

Speaking to The Sun, Jahmene said how he tried to overdose in his bathroom and was saved by his brother who smashed down the door just in time.

Jahmene says:"Everyday was like a living hell. We would all get beaten, with Mum, Daniel and me getting the worst of it."

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"I couldn't see a way out so I locked myself in the bathroom and tried to take a load of pills but Daniel smashed through the door and said:

'Are you being stupid? Do you know how much we all love you?'

He saved my life that day."

Jahmene's confidence took a huge blow following the death of his brother. [Copyright Wenn]J

However, tragically Jahmene's brother Daniel ended up taking his own life just three years later.

Jahmene says: "Three years later things just got too much for my brother and he broke, I think that killing himself was his way of taking some power back from our Dad."

"Daniel was an inspiration to me on so many levels. He was an amazing person, who excelled at everything he did.

"When things were at there worst with dad, talking to him helped me escape mentally. Then, when I was at my very lowest, he was there for me. He literally saved my life."

Sickeningly, some commenters are already saying Jahmene is pulling out a sob story to up his public votes.

However, as Jahmene has pointed out before, he never wanted to talk about his past and only has since the papers dragged it up after he started in the competition.

Jahmene is now the new favourite to win the show and put on another incredible performance last night.