X Factor: Jahmene Douglas refuses to sing Katy Perry, causes ‘chaos’

Jahmene Douglas has reportedly caused X Factor chaos after refusing to sing this week's chosen group song.

Jahmene doesn't want to sing Katy Perry, OK?! Copyright: [rex]

The remaining contestants were planned to sing TGIF by Katy Perry but are now in the process of picking a new one following Jahmene's refusal.

An X Factor snitch told The Sun: "Bosses are desperately trying to find a new song for this weekend's group ensemble after Jahmene's refusal."

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But before you go away thinking that Jahmene just isn't a Katy Perry fan, his refusal comes after reading the song's lyrics.

You see, TGIF is all about drinking and dancing on tables etc.

(Something we know all too much about after our omg! JLS party last night...)

Jahmene singing something other than Katy Perry. [Copyright Wenn]

The source explained: "Jahmene has said no. The song is about partying and drinking and Jahmene is teetotal."

Well, it's not like he had to sing it while drinking a pint of Guinness but we suppose we can understand where Jahmene is coming from.

After all, the song does feature lyrics like: "There's a stranger in my bed, there's a pounding my head," and "I smell like a minibar. DJ's passed out in the yard."

However, show bosses have respected Jahmene's wishes and are now looking for a new group song.

And anyway, the show is on a Sunday so it would have hardly made sense.

Plus, we thought it was guilty pleasures week this week?

And while we are on the subject of Jahmene Douglas: he really does have the tiniest hands in the world.

We shook one the other day and have met babies with bigger ones.