X Factor’s Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur have a budding bromance, want to collaborate on each other’s albums

They may be competing this weekend for the X Factor crown but it seems Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur have nothing but good things to say about each other.

James and Jahmene have a solid bromance going on. Copyright [Rex]

Talking to omg! today at the X Factor press conference, James and Jahmene were full of praise for one another.

Well, not at first.

James told us: "I'm about to rip his head off!"

Luckily, Jahmene was there to clear the air, showering his fellow finalist with compliment after compliment.

Jahmene gushed: "It's nice to be on the same set as James Arthur to be honest.

"He's an inspiration and his music is incredible. I'll be buying his album and feature on it hopefully."

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And if that wasn't enough to make us think these two have a fully fledged bromance going on, James them chipped in with this line:

"I'll be following him around after this, he's that cute."

Oh chaps, this is some serious bro loving.

The boys will be want to help their families if they win. Copyright [Rex]

When asked what the first thing they plan to do if they win the X Factor was, Jahmene took a more literal approach to the question.

He said: "Eat, eat and eat. Get a little bit of sleep."

James however looked a little beyond recuperation, admitting that the first thing he and Jahmene would probably do was to help their families.

He said:"We'd both help our families out with what we will achieve out of this financially.

"We've both come from a poor lifestyle so that is the first thing on most people's agendas when they achieve success.

"And then after that it's all about music. We both want to make credible albums."


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