The X Factor’s Gary Barlow: ‘Watch out for the Over 25s!’

The X Factor is finally starting again this Saturday and the judges' reckon that the Over 25s are the category to keep your eye on!

Only four more sleeps to go! Copyright: [rex]

Judge Gary Barlow admits that the Overs are panning out to be this years' strongest category!

He says: "The category to watch is the Overs. The Overs category hasn't been taken that seriously in the last few years but it has turned into the biggest contender this year. The standard is superb."

Xtra Factor Caroline Flack also confessed: "The Overs seems like the strongest category."

Even Caroline's co-host Olly Murs says: "if there was one category I would root for it would be the 'Overs' as that's the category I was picked in three years ago."

Caroline and Olly both tip the Over 25s. Copyright: [rex]

We will admit, we were surprised. It's not that we don't have faith in the Overs, but they have never been our favorite category.

Well, unless you count Mary Byrne, X Factor live finals via Tesco.

Even host Dermot 'O Leary admits: "The Overs have really stepped up this year."

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How? Why? Who? Come on! We need details!

Guess all will be revealed at the weekend!

We really can't wait much longer now — we can't wait to see Nicole, Tulisa's little salute, Dermot's cheeky twirl. Heck, we are even excited to see Louis! Bring on Saturday!