X Factor: Gary Barlow confesses he wanted to quit after last year *shocked face*

Gary Barlow has revealed her very nearly decided to quit X Factor after last year's series.

Gary confesses he wanted to leave The X Factor. Copyright: [wenn]

Gary confessed to The Sun that he almost didn't return to the judging panel after a miserable experience last year.

The head judge says he was left wishing to quit following a constant battle with tiredness as he juggled touring with his X Factor role:

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"I did come close to quitting. It was hard. When you become part of this machine, you're on something that's moving and you've got to try and stay on board."

The Take That added to The Mirror: "I was on tour while we were doing the auditions last year and it was hard work."

"I always felt miserable when I arrived because I was knackered."

Gary admits he is far happier thsi year. Copyright: [wenn]

Gary also confessed that it wasn't just last years' contestants who felt the pressure, he too felt incredibly nervous ahead of each show.

The star says: "There's a lot of pressure, it really is massive. Last year, I'd sit down feeling so nervous."

Well, we are most pleased Gary decided to stay, X Factor would be a very boring place without him.

And Gary admits that this year, he is enjoying himself much more, in particular certain auditions: "This year, I've enjoyed the bad ones more than the good ones."

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