X Factor’s Ella Henderson: I’m going to miss George Shelley and all of Union J

Last night Ella Henderson made a shock exit from the X Factor after landing in the bottom two with fellow favourite James Arthur.

Ella will miss her 'best friend' George. You sure you don't mean boyfriend? Copyright [Wenn]

During her time on the show Ella Henderson formed a close bond with Union J member George Shelley leading to speculation that the two were an item.

Talking exclusively to omg! this morning, Ella explained that she was going to miss both George and the rest of the Union J boys.

She told us: "I'm going to miss him [George], he's my best friend, but I'm also going to miss Union J like crazy.

"A lot of people don't realise how intense it is when you're trapped in that bubble. You do spend 24/7 with each other and those four are like my big brothers.

"We wind each other up and we bounce off each other-  we're always up to mischief and pranks."

As sad as she is to leave the boys behind, Ella admitted that she is looking forward to rejoining them on the X Factor live tour next year.

Ella will miss getting up to mischief with the rest of Union J. Copyright [Wenn]

She said: "It's going to be fun because it's like when you break up from school and then we're all going to return for a new semester in 2013.

"It is going to be mayhem on that tour- it's going to be fun."

We don't doubt that.

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Despite leaving the competition last night, Ella Henderson remains positive that she can still have a successful career in the music industry.

She explained: "If you look at the past it's not always the winners who succeed. If you look at JLS, Amelia Lily, Misha B- there are so many artists out there who have even made it to number one so it's an exciting prospect.

"I just think that six to nine weeks ago it was, 'Ella Henderson who?' Nobody had even heard of me. Coming off the back of this show I've got the publicity, I've got the platform and I'm just going to drive on."

We don't doubt there are great things to come from Ella Henderson.