X Factor: ‘Ella Henderson didn’t deserve to go!’ celebs tweet their outrage, we still can’t believe it!

Last night, Ella Henderson left the X Factor and our jaws pretty much thumped the floor.

Celeb land is also up in arms! Copyright: [wenn/rex]

However, it's not just us who is feeling the outrage over Ella's departure - it would seem celeb land is also reeling.

Even Lord of X Factor himself, Mr Simon Cowell has had his say, tweeting: "Ella! Gone??? Unbelievable."

Doesn't mean you can't still sign her up Si!

Simon said the decision was 'unbelievable'. Copyright: [wenn]

Holly Willoughby tweeted: "Poor Ella, she didn't deserve to go... Really love James though xxx"

Which is something we totally agree with, we just didn't want to see either go!

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Harry Judd summed things up when he tweeted: "This is like being asked to choose between your Mum and Dad. #xfactor"

TOWIE's Arg (BIG Ella fan!) wrote: "Still cant get over @Ella__Henderson going out, Its so sad and unfair! #Xfactor"

Reggie Yates also read our minds, tweeting: "James really should but after tonight, Rylan WILL win #Xfactor get used to the idea... It's gonna happen."

We too, are starting to think we should start making preparations for a Rylan Clark Crimbo single!

And even Ella's fellow contestants are devastated, with Rylan Clark tweeting:

"Tonight I've lost my little sister @ella_henderson . Her and @JamesArthur23 should not have been there. They are my 1st and 2nd. X"

Union J are also sad to see Ella go. Copyright: [wenn]

Union J followed up with a similar sentiment, saying:

"So sad to see @Ella__Henderson go she's like are little sister but wishing her the very best of luck... shell be a superstar much love JJx"

We bet George Shelley is especially sad after he and Ella grew er, particularly close on the show.

Ella and James somehow were the bottom two. Copyright [Rex]

However, the lady herself is remaining dignified and gorgeous as ever, tweeting:

"Your dreams and goals are only in reach when you believe that everything happens for a reason x #justthebeginning"

Does anyone else reckon Ella should record a song for Christmas and show X Factor just how it is done?