X Factor: District 3 make an amazing comeback, Nicole Scherzinger sheds a tear

District 3 brought Nicole Scherzinger to tears with their performance on tonight's X Factor.

District 3's performance left Nicole in tears. Copyright: [rex]

After last week's negative comments from pretty much all the judges, we were crossing every one of our fingers and toes that the boys would smash it.

Luckily, they did just that!

The boys managed to tear the house down with a flawless performance... not literally: that would have been a whole separate story.

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They boys whipped out a bit of Eric Clapton Tears in Heaven, a song choice that got one judge grasping at the tissue box.

Yep, Nicole Scherzinger literally broke down in tears saying that the song means something special to her.

And if watching X Factor for the last ten years has taught us anything, it's that a sobbing judge means one thing: a definite pass to next week!

District 3 mid smashing it. Copyright: [rex]

So with District 3 seriously upping their game we think there is a definite battle of the boy bands emerging on this year's show.

Union J put on an equally strong performance which has left us split between the two - however, we think District 3 might have our vote tonight.

Gary Barlow however, is still not convinced and said that he reckons Union J 'have the edge' and that District 3 'lack something'.

And according to the bookies the boys are the favourite to go this week, but we get the feeling those odds were compiled before tonight's amaze performance.