X Factor’s Christopher Maloney says he could win the show, we fear Tulisa would explode

Christopher Maloney says that he reckons he really could win this year's X Factor, much to the dismay of show boss Simon Cowell!

Cheesy Chris could win The X Factor. [Rex]

Speaking to The Daily Mirror, Chris says he is making sure he is working harder than ever in a bid to win the big prize.

Christopher says: "I go out week after week and all I get is bad comments, but it's so close to the final now I could win."

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He really could, you know.

The Liverpudlian added: "I'm working harder than any other contestant probably ever in the competition."

And we are kind of hoping that Chris does win, if just for Tulisa's reaction.

'Hey Tulisa! Christopher Maloney just won The X Factor!' Copyright: [rex]

After Ella's shock exit last week, Tulisa branded the decision 'ridiculous' and vowed to 'go back to her urban roots'.


As a result, we don't know about you, but we actually cannot wait to hear her comments on tonight's show.

Things are about to get very urban, don't say she didn't warn you!

Insiders are saying that Chris is topping the polls week in, week out and that if he does win Simon Cowell is worried it will affect the shows credibility.

However, Chris insists he has every right to still be on the show.

On This Morning the crooner said: "I deserve to be here. You know, I'm probably one of the hardest working contestants - every day, day in, day out."

Yeah, you already said that Chris.

About a hundred times actually.