X Factor: Christopher Maloney ‘fans faked’ after too few turn up, awkward!

X Factor bosses are reported to have drafted in 'fake' Christopher Maloney supporters after not enough turned up for filming.

Cheesy Chris could win The X Factor. [Rex]

You know the bit where the finalists go back to their hometown and everyone gets all emosh marveling at 'just how far they have come'?

Well, the word is that there weren't enough people to er, welcome Maloney home at his old call center so random extras were drafted in.

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An employee is quoted in The Mirror saying that although they were in the filming, they don't actually work there.


Maloney fans were in short supply, appaz. Copyright: [wenn]

"I don't actually work in here, I was just told to come down and fill up the office because there weren't many people apparently", the source said.

"They just said, come down and watch - and I might be on the telly.

"I don't really know Chris to be honest, I'm sure he's a nice lad but I can't really pretend to know anything about him."

Hey, maybe they were off Christmas shopping or something? Or it was lunchtime? We can't believe that his WHOLE call centre was half full.

It's also reported that show staff had to rally around the city center with leaflets to gather a crowd for Christopher's homecoming.

Like we said, mega awks!