X Factor: ‘Christopher Maloney called me a c***’ says Carolynne Poole, Kye Sones confirms

X Factor's Carolynne Poole says that Christopher Maloney called her a 'c***' at that fateful rehearsal that reportedly found him banned from the final.

Carolynne says Maloney was rude to her at rehearsals. Copyright: [rex]

Speaking to The Sun, Carolynne says that Chris turned up to rehearsals still drunk before going mad after finding out he only had one line in the group song.

Carolynne says: "He came in and basically, because I didn't say hi and kiss his a***, he called me a c***. Everyone heard it, even Jahmene, who was upset."

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If this is true then shame on Christopher, such words are not for the ears of little Lamb Chop!

Carolynn added: "I said to him, 'Did you just call me a c***?'. He denied it but I heard him."

Carolynne, Chris and Kye were all in Gary's Overs catagory. Copyright:[rex]

Talking about the rumours Chris was rude to production staff during his time on the show, Carolynne says they were all true.

She says: "He was always like, 'Do this, do that, get me this'. These people work so bloody hard to make sure you're OK and you can't treat them like this. It's just not how you treat people."

Kye Sones who was with Carolynne, added: "He's had a mask on for ten weeks and it has well and truly slipped off and shown him for who he is."

Meanwhile, Chris is still saying he is ill and his sore throat has now developed into a chest infection: