X Factor: Christopher Maloney banned from final, goes mad on Twitter, says it’s all a ‘witchhunt’

Christopher Maloney was notably missing from last night's X Factor final after he reportedly got drunk and shouted at a producer.

Maloney is OUT! Copyright: [rex]

He has since got absolutely crackers on Twitter, saying there is a 'witch hunt' and he just had a sore throat.

(Er, yeah throat was FINE last night Chris...jus' sayin')

The story is that a hungover Chris got 'abusive' during a rehearsal on Sunday after he was only given one line in the group song and was kicked off by production staff.

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Well, omg! definitely knows Chris got boozy on Saturday night after we spotted him out in one of Manchester's clubs...

"Everyone is completely fed up of his behaviour" a source revealed to The Sun.

"He was abusive to the production team and other contestants. He said he was leaving and didn't want to perform in the final tonight."

True to say, Carolynne Poole tweeted during rehearsals: "X Factor can also create monsters it would seem!"

Chris has since taken to Twitter to accuse X Factor of all sorts and even send nasty messages back to Carolynne, calling her 'disgraceful' and 'bitter':

He also tweeted saying there is a 'witchhunt' and that he is being 'bullied':

However, earlier he seemed to change his mind and tweeted thanking the show and his mentor Gary Barlow:

So to get things straight Chris hates the press and Carolynne but reckons Gazza Barlow and X Factor are alright.

We hate to say it, but surely things would have been much better for Chris is he had just kept a blimmin' dignified silence!