X Factor bosses fear Christopher Maloney will win as a result of sympathy voting

X Factor bosses have called for contestants and staff to stop talking about Christopher Maloney in a bid to stop any sympathy voting.

Cheesy Chris could win The X Factor. [Rex]

Yep, it's time for more Christopher Maloney related X Factor drama.

The story today is that the show's head honchos are worried that Christopher could win a landslide of votes as a result of sympathy.

A show insider told The Sun: "The backlash is working for Christopher."

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"The more people say nasty things about him, the more votes he gets, the feeling now is the less said about him the better.".

Even Caroline Flack has even admitted people may just be voting out of sympathy.

She said: "I think what's happening is people are feeling sorry for him. And that perhaps might be why people are voting — but people are voting."

Kye doesn't understand Christopher's appeal. [Copyright Wenn/Rex]

This comes just weeks after Kye Sones exclusively told us: 'F*** knows who is voting for Christopher!'.

Charlie from MK1 was similarly uncomplimentary about Christopher and suggested that the rumours he is a diva are true.

There is also talk that Rylan Clark was not a Christopher fan and is also dreading that he might end up winning the show.

Even Simon Cowell is reported to be terrified the crooner will win the show.