The X Factor’s most shocking exits

Last night Ella Henderson's shocking exit from the X Factor took everyone by surprise.

Ella wasn't the first big shock exit seen on the show. Copyright [Rex]

However, this is not the first time that there has been such a huge public outcry over an act leaving the singing competition.

Here are omg!'s biggest shock exits in the history of the X Factor.

Maria Lawson

Maria's exit was the first of many shockers to come... Copyright [Rex]

Back in series two, long before the days of deadlock, hot favourite Maria Lawson found herself unceremoniously booted off the show after losing out to The Conway Sisters in the sing off. With Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell both backing their own acts to stay in the competition, it was down to Louis Walsh to make the final decision.

Louis decided to side with The Conway Sisters meaning that Maria had to leave the show. The controversy of this decision surpassed the fact that Maria had given the better performance when Sharon claimed that Louis had been 'voting with his passport' and only saved the girls because of their shared nationality.

It was later revealed that Louis had also known the group prior to them auditioning for the show. Simon Cowell was the forced to save face for the show when a few weeks later he chose to vote off the sisters- his own act-saving Chico instead. A controversial decision in its own right.

Lucie Jones

'I'm gonna throw up, surely I'm not worse than Jedward?' Copyright [Rex]

Sweet Welsh songstress Lucie Jones was never going to win the competition but when she found herself in the bottom two with twins Jedward, it looked like she was safe for at least one more week.

However, this was sadly not to be. After weeks of Jedward bashing, Simon Cowell suddenly had a change of heart over the gruesome twosome, voting to get rid of Lucie Jones instead. With the vote at deadlock, it was Lucie who paid the price for Simon's unprecedented new found love for all things Jedward.

Aiden Grimshaw

Aiden didn't look bothered but was silently crushing Katie's hand. Copyright [Rex]

It would be safe to say that it was always a surprise to see warbler Katie Waissel survive any of her sing off's during the seventh series of the show, but the most shocking of her survivals was against angst ridden favourite Aiden Grimshaw.

After Aiden landed in the bottom two alongside veteran Waissel it looked like the peroxide singer's days were numbered. However, after Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole both decided to save Katie the vote was taken to deadlock.

Unfortunately for Aiden, the public deemed him worse than Waissel, sending him packing and leaving viewers to put up with Katie for a further two weeks. Cheers public.

Amelia Lily

'Not only am I out but I've now got to walk around with pink hair!' Copyright [Rex]

Hot favourite Amelia Lily looked  to be the likely winner of last year's X Factor, only to be dropped from the show in week one. In a cruel twist, each judge was forced to pick three of their four acts to progress in the competition, while the remaining act would have to leave the show without facing the public vote.

When it came to decision making time, Kelly Rowland preferred the performances from Misha B, Janet Devlin and Sophie Habibis meaning that Ameila had to leave the show. Fortunately for Miss Lily, Frankie Cocozza decided to break one of the X Factor 'golden rules' aka boasting about taking drugs, meaning that she was reinstated into the competition, eventually finishing third.