X Factor should be axed, according to you lot

Last week silly Sinitta managed to put her foot in it yet again by revealing that the next series of the X Factor will be the last.

The results are in and omg! readers have decided that the X Factor should end. [Rex]

And after another weekend of sliding ratings, it seems that omg! readers are eager to see the back of it.

A whopping 20,000 of you voted in our poll 'Do you think X Factor should finish after next year?' and the results were somewhat damning.

80% of you lot decided that the X Factor had outstayed its welcome while the rest were happy to still watch ITV's flagship talent show on a Saturday night.

So where has it all gone wrong?

Well for a start this year's series has been full of so much controversy that you'd be forgiven in forgetting that amongst all the drama there was a singing competition going on.

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During the first live results show viewers were up in arms after what looked like a producer was whispering to Louis Walsh over who he should save out of Carolynne Poole and Rylan Clark.

Matters only worsened when a confused Louis initially saved Carolynne then went back on his decision, taking the vote to Deadlock and subsequently leading to Carolynne's early exit.

Week one didn't get off to a great start with 'Fix Factor' claims. [Rex/Twitter]

Since then, each week that has followed has been marred with claims that the judges have been tactically voting to make sure the stronger singers don't last.

Then there was Lucy Spraggan who, after falling ill last week, was given a free pass to the following weekend despite both Jade Ellis and Kye Sones having to perform with illnesses in previous weeks.

Lucy was given a free pass to the next round after falling ill. [Copyright Wenn]

And what about the judges' behaviour this year?

Never before in previous series has a judging panel so violently shouted at each other during the decision making process.

Don't get us wrong, on the most part its extremely entertaining, but at times it has gone a little too far.

Their calibre of insults this year have crossed over from pantomime to plain rude- did Gary Barlow really need to tell the nation that Tulisa had 'fag ash breath?'

We think not.

But of course it hasn't been all doom and gloom.

Nicole SCHERMAZING Scherzinger has been up for a laugh. [Copyright Rex]

New judge Nicole Scherzinger has brought a real element of fun to the competition this year while at the same time genuinely investing time in her category.

Also, the addition of allowing musicians to sing their own songs has added a fresh element to the show that had been lacking in the past.

Whether or not the X Factor will finish next year is entirely up to Simon Cowell.

But for those of you who voted to axe it, you never know, perhaps you'll miss it once it's gone for good.