X Factor 2012: Nicole Scherzinger, James Arthur’s beautiful face and Ella Henderson’s first audition: omg!’s moments of the series

This year's X Factor has been simply amazing. Yes, apparently the ratings haven't been as good - but we are pretty sure anyone who has been watching would agree it's been a cracker! And here are our top omg! moments of the series...

Ella and James somehow were the bottom two. Copyright [Rex]

1.            Ella Henderson's shock exit

We actually still cannot believe James Arthur and Ella Henderson fell into the bottom two in Week 7. Still, it happened, we gasped and the judges saved James. However, we think it's safe to say Ella's future is pretty darn bright.

Cheesy Chris could win The X Factor. [Rex]

2.           Christopher Maloney winning wildcard

Yep, lest us not forget old Maloney was not even picked to be in Barlow's final Overs category. Instead he had to fight for his place alongside wildcard contestants from the other 3 categories. So without the wildcard, the final could look very different indeed.

District 3 and Union JOh how we swooned over Union J and District 3. Copyright [Rex]

3.            The Battle of the Boybands

At the start we had two boy bands to feat our eyes on every Saturday: District3 and Union J. Soon it became a battle and everyone was obsessed with pondering about rivalry etc. In the end it was Union J who ruled supreme and won the battle.

We were shocked when Lucy said she was leaving the show. Copyright: [wenn]

4.          Lucy Spraggan quits the show

We were very sad to hear that Lucy Spraggan had fallen ill, so ill she had to leave the process. However, the show had to go on and that it did. And it seems Lucy will be back soon on her own our, get booking your tickets now!

Rylan's performance was BANNED! Copyright: [rex]

5.            Rylan Clark

Do you remember the national outrage when Rylan made it through Judges' Houses? What do you mean NO? Well, that;s because shortly after we all fell into a love affair with Rylan and his ri-donk-culous performances. Our fave is probably the week he introduced us to his troupe of fashionista pandas. OOPA RYLAN-STYLE!

Nicole had a right old 'mare tonight! Copyright: [rex]

6.           Scherzinger's crazy night dressed as a prawn

She turned up dressed as a prawn, she introduced the wrong act, she looked into the wrong camera, she talked about Coco pops and blue top milk all before knocking over her pint of gin… OK, we made that last one up. But the week District3 left, it was one hell of a night for Nicole Scherzinger. Which brings us nicely on to number 7…

Nicole is our fave thing about this year's X Factor. Copyright: [rex]

7.            Nicole Scherzinger

This series undoubtedly belongs to one judge: Nicole Scherzinger. This series we learned that Nic is a comedy genius and has some of the best one liners around. Er, SCHERMAYZING anyone? She also had faith in Rylan Clark long before (admit it!) anyone else did. Heck, the lady put on the blimmin' ASDA uniform. Is there anything she won't do to make us laugh? All hail Scherzinger, QUEEN of X Factor!

Louis' face spoke for the nation. Copyright: [wenn]

8.         #FagAshBreath

OH NO HE DIDN'T! OH YES HE DID! This is what the nation gasped when Gazza Barlow claimed Tulisa had er, rather smelly breath.

Gary said: "I don't know what offends me more, your comments or you fag ash breath!"

Oh how we could not believe our ears! We reckon Louis Walsh's facial expression spoke for the nation. Tulisa then said he stunk of red wine until Gary later apologized and peace was restored once more on the judging panel.

Best audition EVER?! Copyright: [wenn/ITV]

9.            Zoe Alexander aka the maniac Pink tribute artist

Who could forget the moment that Zoe went absolutely crackers in the audition stages of this year's series? She didn't want to sing Pink, but she sung Pink any way, the judges didn't like it and as a result Zoe went mental. On stage. She was later arrested for assaulting a member of the production staff. This was MEGA viewing.

It's not just us who loves James! Copyright: [wenn]

10.      EVERYONE falling in love with James Arthur

As soon as the live shows started, pretty much EVERYONE fell in love with James Arthur. Even Gary Barlow admitted he wanted James to win over his own act Christopher Maloney. Rita Ora, Holly Willoughby and even One blimmin' Direction are backing James and it seems most of you are too after James won our omg! poll to see who you want to win the show.

Nicole was overwhelmed by Jahmene's performance. Copyright [Rex]

11.           Jahmene Douglas making everyone cry

Jahmene left pretty much everyone, in the studio and at home, moping up the tears after he performed a song for his late brother in the semi finals. Jahmene performed 'I Look to You' by Whitney Houston and things got all very emosh indeed. In fact, just thinking about it now is making us well up a bit… *grabs tissues*

12. Dan Ferarri Lane's abs aka the six reasons to vote for District3:

Hands up who reckons Dan should take his top off more often? Copyright: [Twitter]

To summarise, it's been one cracker of a series and we will be sad to see it end! ROLL ON NEXT YEAR!