The X Factor 2012 Final: Christopher Maloney is OUT! Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur are the final two!

Christopher Maloney has left the X Factor in the first part of one VERY tense final.

Maloney is OUT! Copyright: [rex]

Phew! It really was a rollercoaster of a night, wasn't it?

We had tears, we had mic problems, we had Rita Ora's MC Hammer trousers - yes, this really was some HUGE telly (and equally huge trousers).

But sadly, it was Christopher who received the least number of votes.

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Despite the support of the nation's Nans and a performance with his mentor Gary Barlow, Christopher didn't get enough votes to make it into the top two.

Speaking on The Xtra Factor, Chris was gracious in his defeat saying he feels like a winner anyway.

Christopher says: "I feel like I've already won getting this far, I'm very proud - I was the wildcard and I can't thank the public enough."

James and Arthur are your rather differently sized final two! Copyright: [rex]

So that means that your X Factor finalists are James Arthur and Jahmene Douglas, both of whom are simply amazing.

We just wish they both could win.

However, they can't and this time tomorrow we will know once and for all who your X Factor winner 2012 is.


In other goss from the show, we nearly spat out our tea when Nicole Scherinzger's mic failed in the intro to her duet with Jahmene Douglas.

However, they didn't let it phase them and still put on one of the performances of the night.

Kylie Minogue, Kelly Clarkson and Rita Ora also put on some great, glitch free, performances!

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