X Factor 2011: Janet Delvin to win says Noel Gallagher

Janet Delvin's sweet voice with a beautiful lilt hasn't escaped the public's notice (as we keep voting her in each week) but she's also struck a chord with a celebrity audience.

Music maestro, Noel Gallagher revealed to omg! at the Q Awards today that she's the contestant he wants to win 'X Factor'. *COULD HE BE RIGHT?*

noel gallagher x factorCelebrity backing: Janet Delvin gets Noel's 'X Factor' vote / REX

"That Irish girl [Janet Delvin] is alright," Noel told us. "I don't know if I'd bet on 'X factor' but I do watch it with my daughter, it's a shared experience."

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Keen not to ruin his rock reputation by admitting to watching the pop show, the former Oasis star tried to make out he wasn't the only celebrity who enjoyed 'X Factor':

"I watch it. I know other big rock stars do. They might say they don't, but any of them who have daughters watch it, I assure you."

Janet DelvinNo pressure then! Janet has been hyped up by the Oasis star /REX

It's not like Noel needs to justify his telly-tuning decisions to us, and besides, we're addicted to 'X Factor' anyway.

While some would have thought the successful singer would be against the popular TV show, he appeared pretty positive:

"These kids are all trying to get a leg up in the music business; at least they're not all crack heads robbing my house."

noel gallagherGongs galore: Noel was the proud owner of a Q Award today /WENN

Surely though, the once notorious hot head would have some controversial option about  Craig Bolton singing Oasis classic, 'Stop Crying You Heart Out'?

"I don't get too precious about my songs once they're out there they belong to everyone else," he told us.

"They ['X Factor'] were courteous enough to call me before and tell me they wanted to use it, the song doesn't belong to me anymore. It's everybody's song."

Who would have thought Noel would be so nice? Clearly old age and a number one solo album has mellowed this man. *WE APPROVE*

Any votes for Noel to replace Louis Walsh as a judge on 'X Factor' 2012?