Wretch 32's secret busking gig for Yahoo! On the Road in London

British hip-hop artist Wretch 32 played a secret acoustic busking performance in King's Cross Station in London in front of a huge crowd for Yahoo! On the Road.

Wretch 32 played an acoustic busking gig for Yahoo! On the Road at Kings Cross Station

Wretch, who will be appearing at Yahoo! Wireless Festival on Friday, played a stonking fifteen minute set featuring three of his biggest hits, 'Forgiveness,' 'Don't Go,' and recent single 'Blackout.'

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The rapper completely embraced his busker surroundings, jokingly apologizing that he didn't have a hat for people to throw money into.

An enthusiastic crowd gathered to see Wretch 32 give an acoustic performance

The show was fantastic, Wretch stripped the songs back into lithe acoustic beats built out of acoustic guitar and cajón (an instrument which is basically a wooden box played like a drum). He opened with 'Forgiveness' - transforming the thick electric guitar lines and bass drum thuds of the studio recording into washes of folky acoustic and infectious pitter-pattering percussion.

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Wretch was accompanied by the smoky yet soaring vocals of ShezAr for the opener and its follow up, 'Don't Go.' Of the latter song Wretch said, 'I wrote this song in my bedroom and you all took it to number one, so this is for you." He finished the performance with a crowd sing-a-long, wrapping his arm around ShezAr as the pair 'conducted' the audience with their microphones in singing the song's chorus: 'Don't go / Don't leave/ Please stay / With me.'

Singer ShezAr provided some fantastic backing vocals for 'Forgiveness' and 'Don't Go.'

As ShezAr left the 'stage' Wretch introduced his next special guest, rising artist Shakka, to perform recent hit single, 'Blackout.' This final song in particular was an absolute knock out- the duo's voices soaring and intertwining across the main concourse of King's Cross.

Wretch 32 and special guest Shakka gave a brilliant performance of 'Blackout.'

The backing band were particularly stellar here as well, rapid fire muted guitar flecks spattered across a relentless tap-dancing beat which gave the number a sun kissed flamenco feel. As the song drew to a close Wretch, with true busker class, thanked every one for coming out before saying, "I haven't been here in years. I really want to catch a train now."

For those of you who didn't manage to see him today we'll have a highlights video soon of the performance, and remember that Wretch 32 (and LOADS more amazing acts) will be playing at the Yahoo! Wireless Festival on Friday so check back here for all of the exclusive live streamed action!

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