Wireless festival: How to look as hot as Rihanna, Jessie J and Tulisa in your festival fashion

This weekend's Wireless festival is another excuse to dig deep into your wardrobe and get ready for fashion in a field and channel some celebrity style.

wireless festivalWant to look this hot at Wireless? We show you how. Copyright [WENN]

While crop tops, denim hot pants and Hunter wellies are the uniform of festivals (thanks to Millie Mackintosh, Rihanna et al), feeling body confident in said attire isn't as easy and selecting what to wear.

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But it's not too late to rock a hot body in time for this weekend's event, as we enlisted the help of Fitness expert Jamie Rayment from super chic gym Marylebone Village Fitness in London and he gives his last minute tips.

Yes, you read that right you really can tone up literally hours before you squeeze into your shorts for muddy mayhem.

wireless festival work outSquats will help you on your way to getting trim thighs. Copyright [WENN]

Jamie justified this idea saying: "Your muscles will swell after a workout making your physique look tight and firm.

"And they will stay like this a few hours after a hard weight training workout in the areas you have worked.

"Of course if you have less body fat percentage the results of a last minute training session will be more prominent but that shouldn't stop you from doing a work out."

If we're going to wear shorts at Wireless, Jamie suggest we get bending! His simple solution to toned thighs (for those of you braving bare legs and hot pants) is… "Lots of squats! The deeper the better as you will work your bum more.

wireless festivalIf you want to wear short shorts best firm up your bum too. Copyright [WENN]

"The thighs will really get a burn especially with weights try sandbag squats (holding a weight in front of your chest), but make sure your technique is correct and you're not putting pressure through your knees or on your back."

And if your shorts ride up RiRi style, then Jamie suggest hip raises: "Lie on your back and thrust your hips up and down at a slow speed.

"Try doing this for three sets of 1 minute. Variety is very important so try out lots of bum exercises."

For a toned tummy, if you're going to rock a crop top, Jamie suggests avoiding foods that can bloat you such as wheat and diet drinks.

"Exercise will be key to shrinking your stomach but this won't happen overnight, but if you have a low body fat percentage then stomach exercises will firm up your tummy and feel tighter for a few hours after."

Lets get crunching then girls!

For more about Jamie's personal training and Marylebone Village Fitness see, mvfitness.co.uk