Why Taylor Lautner went bowling with Kristen Stewart for his 21st birthday - EXCLUSIVE

When we heard Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart had gone bowling to celebrate the Twilight star's 21st Birthday we thought it was a little bit tame for a coming of age party.

<p>Taylor Lautner went bowling with Kristen Stewart for his 21st birthday. Copyright [Splash]</p>

After all the American actor could have gone ANYWHERE in Hollywood and would have been guaranteed a table and BOTTLES galore of expensive champagne.

Instead he chose to hit the bowling alley with Twilight chum Kristen Stewart (no Robert Pattinson FYI) and feast on sliders and soda for his big celebrations.

And we can tell you exactly WHY.

Tay-L is OBSESSED with bowling. Obsessed.

He told us exclusively: "This is very random but I love bowling alleys. When I travel the one thing I try to do everywhere is bowl."

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Fair enough Taylor, it's starting to make sense. Well it would if you were some kind of champion bowl star.

But actually, it's the absolute opposite. He confessed: "Don't ask me why because I'm not even a bowler and I'm terrible at it. But I've explored a lot of bowling alleys."

Sounds like it's borderline All-Stars stalking.

At this point omg! confessed that when we play, we have to use those embarrassing bumper things and that slide to make sure the ball goes in the right direction.

A very sweet Taylor told us: "Sometimes it's fun to play like that though [with the bumpers]".


[Watch our video and scroll to about 11 minutes so see exactly what Taylor Lautner had to say about bowling.]

Tay-Laut hit up Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood on Saturday night with K-Stew where the intimate party kicked off around 9:30 p.m. in a private area.

According to US Weekly K-Stew showed up late to the event, a bit after midnight.

Their spy said: "She was being fun and social, bowling and high-fiving. She and Taylor definitely seemed to be good friends and she was living it up."

But Taylor wasn't living it up quite so much, not touching a drop of drink.

The US mag added that he "drank nothing" but that "Taylor was super nice, very polite".


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