Why Harry Styles mum Anne is a One Direction legend

Mums usually cramp our style but when it comes to One Direction, it's the total opposite.

Harry Styles mum Anne has not only been interviewed on countless occasions.

Harry Styles' mum has been trending ALL day

She's managed to be a trending topic on Twitter for HOURS today.

The 1D mamma is celebrating her birthday today and has been hogging a trending topic slot with 'Happy Birthday Anne' since we got up this morning.

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Fans of the X Factor star's mother have sent their wishes and kisses via tweets, with lots of them thanking her for producing Harry.

And a few even referred to her as their future mother-in-law *giggles*

@WawaLaurrie tweeted: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE"! btw, may I marry your son please? like please please please. LOL. xD"

Not if we marry him first!