Wedding ring watch: Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez & Jessica Biel

omg! were on wedding ring watch this weekend as drama surrounded the fingers of Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Biel. We investigate why...

By the looks of the weekend's pics, the presence and absence of wedding rings has become a way for celebs to make a silent statement on their relationships.

Jessica Biel turned up to the Golden Globes last night ringless, despite her alleged engagement to Justin Timberlake.

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Instead, she flashed a jaw-dropping floor-length dress and avoided that all-important item of jewellery.

Jessica Biel was ring-less at the Golden Globes

Meanwhile Marc Anthony couldn't help but noticed has ex-wife's cluttered hand as they sat awkwardly together on Latino reality show Q'Viva.

Jennifer Lopez wore a ring on each finger but it was her naked wedding ring finger that distracted Marc.

J-Lo wore a ring on every finger - but not her wedding ring

It seems J-Lo is over the relationship - she was recently spotted at the beach with toyboy Casper Smart.

With a new haircut and a big smile Katy Perry posed for an Adidas ad shoot this weekend, bouncing back from her split with Russell Brand.

Shockingly, she WAS spotted wearing a ring on her wedding finger as she gripped the handles of the purple bike.

Katy Perry sent the Rumour Mill into overdrive by wearing a ring on her wedding finger

This sent the Rumour Mill into overdrive...

Reporting by Bianca Goldman