The Wanted’s Siva Kansewaran shares photos of him fearlessly swimming with sharks

We're not sure The Wanted's management would be too happy with one of their fittest members, Siva Kaneswaran risking his life to swim with sharks, but he did it nevertheless.

Siva KaneswaranThe Wanted's Siva had a date with sharks yesterday... Copyriht [Instagram/Siva Kaneswaran]

Siva's ridiculously lucky girlfriend, Nareesha McCaffrey was there to witness his underwater adventures as she took snaps of the star in his diving gear and wetsuit with some dangerous 'friends' above his head!

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Along with the sweet snap the shoe designer tweeted: "My cutie @SivaTheWanted swimming with the sharks today during our visit to sydney :)"

siva kanesawaranSiva looked clam while sharks swam above his head... Copyright [Instagram/Siva Kaneswaran]

We can't see a protective cage in any of Siva's photos — which means he really is fearless!

The singer added to his holiday album with pics that show sharks swimming above him — which prove what a brave boy he is, braver than us anyway!

Siva also posed next to a sign saying 'Shark bait… just wait!!!' and even that wasn't enough to put him off!

Siva Kaneswaranthe-Siva looked a little too calm next to this sign! Copyright [Instagram/Siva Kaneswaran]

Nareesha didn't join her beau with his shark hunting expedition claiming she didn't want to get her hair wet (we hear her!), but there was another reason as she added:

"didn't wanna get my hair wet.... Plus I would have s*** my pants! Lol x"

Siva clearly is having an amazing time as he holidays in Australia but he didn't forget his band mates… as he retweeted a silly snap of a diver with Nathan Sykes' head on it.