The Wanted respond to Grammys snub with their own special commentary

We were surprised to hear that The Wanted hadn't been nominated for one Grammy, well there are so many categories you would have thought they could have slipped in somewhere!?

The Wanted provided their own commentary. Copyright: [wenn]

However, the boys still stayed up to watch the show live and tweeted their own thoughts on the nights proceedings.

First of all they tweeted their support to their pals who HAD been nominated, saying: "Cheering for all our mates that are nominated."

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So we reckon they would have been gutted when their mate Ed Sheeran missed out on the award for Best Song to FUN.

However, the lads have decided that they don't even want a Grammy, no instead they would like to win a Granny!

The boys also posted this snap during the Grammys. Copyright: [Instagram]

They then went about making #TWToWinAGranny trend.

"I mean, we wouldn’t mind winning a Grammy but would quite happily settle for winning a granny #winagranny" the boys posted.

And also like everyone watching last night, the boys took some time out to have a quick squeal over Justin Timberlake.

Asked if they were 'fangirling' over JT, the boys replied: "Always".

They also tweeted that the were super excited to see what Rihanna was (or wasn't) wearing so we reckon they would have been just CHUFFED when her NIPPLE RING turned up!

They then went about answering fans questions, or actually just poking fun at them.

For instance, after one girl requested that she be granted permission to 'lick their nipple' (whatever floats your boat) the boys answered: "At least buy us a drink first!"

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