The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes informs One Direction fan she has a ‘face like a sm*cked a*se’

Nathan Sykes told a One Direction fan EXACTLY what he thought of her after she sent The Wanted rude comments via Twitter.

Nathan tweeted exactly what he thought! Copyright: [wenn]

The One D fan decided to tweet The Wanted saying that she didn't exactly wholly appreciate their er, art using the delightful hashtag #yousuck.

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Well, to be exact, she said the following...

"I don't know why you give One Direction s**t, you can't even sing. Glee did a better version of your song than you #yousuck."

Glee performed Glad You Came on the show last year.

Nathan didn't realise he was tweeting from the bands account. Copyright: [wenn]

Shortly after the message was sent, the account tweeted back giving the tweeter strict instructions.

"Smile, you got a face like a smacked arse ..."


Turned out Nathan was logged on, after he logged on to his personal account to admit what had happened.

Well, Nathan thought he was tweeting from his own personal account however, he actually was logged in to the official The Wanted feed.


Nathan tweeted: "That awkward moment when you realise you are on the band account instead of your own ..."

However, he is still yet to admit responsibility for that EXACT tweet and when a fan asked him about it he simply responded: "what have I done? :P xx"

Meanwhile, the young lady whose face may, or may not look like a smacked bottom has deleted her account.