The Wanted’s Max George is ‘abusive,’ gets passport taken off him

The Wanted aren't exactly known for being shy and retiring types, but it seems that they may have landed themselves in hot water today.

The Wanted's Max GeorgeMax George has landed himself in trouble at the airport. Copyright [WENN]

The Wanted's Max George has angrily revealed that he got himself into trouble at an airport this morning.

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Max George tweeted: "Just had my passport taken off me for apparently being abusive.... F*****g jobsworth!!"

Now, we're not exactly experts on airport security or anything, but we do know that having your passport taken off you for bad behaviour is pretty blimmin' serious.

None of the other The Wanted members have chipped in yet, but we'd imagine that the boys are feeling pretty anxious waiting to hear what will happen to Max.

The Wanted were traveling back to the UK from America when the incident happened, and it's not the first controversy they've caused since being over there.

After calling Christina Aguilera a 'b****' live on American TV two months ago, the lads haven't exactly made peace with the singer.

The WantedThe Wanted are known for their outrageous ways. Copyright [WENN]During an appearance on US radio this week, The Wanted were asked to play a (not at all set-up) game called 'Beautiful, B****, or Britney,' where they were asked to categorise Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

When it came to placing Christina Aguilera under one of the labels, The Wanted's Tom Parker said she could be 'placed up my a***.'

Oh boys, will you ever learn?

Let's hope that Max George manages to get himself out of his latest trouble at the airport!