The Wanted’s Jay McGuinness confesses his Valentine’s Day plans, Max George be warned

The Wanted can probably expect to get a few bucket loads of Valentines' Day cards, right?

Jay has a plan this V-day. Copyright: [rex]

Well, that most definitely will be the case as long as band mate Jay McGuinness has anything to do with it.

Y'see, Jay has an evil plan which will get the lads thinking they are a lot more popular than they really are.

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Speaking to Top of the Pops magazine Jay, 20, revealed his cunning plan.

The star says: "I might send fake celeb cards to the boys this year, just to see them embarrass themselves by being like, 'I got one from Miley Cyrus!'"

The Wanted looking fit as per. Copyright: [wenn]

"Then she'll be like, 'I didn't send it, you're lying!' I'm totally going to go for that one. Playing pranks never gets old!''

We reckon Taylor Swift could be a good one and almost definitely stir things up with their old rival and Taylor's ex, One Direction's Harry Styles.

Lindsay Lohan has tweeted this photo of her with Max GeorgeLindsay Lohan has tweeted this photo of her with Max George. Copyright [Lindsay Lohan]

However, we reckon Jay's plan could backfire if Max George gets a genuine card from his new pal, Lindsay Lohan (which we reckon is totes on the aforementioned cards).

There is a strong possibility that Max will be getting a genuine love letter from Hollywood after he has been spending more and more time with La Lohan.

And failing that, he will still have all the ones from us to fall back on.

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