The Voice UK 2012: Aleks Josh gets hearts racing while Deniece from Five Star beats the formerly famous curse

Saturday's The Voice UK 2012 saw another couple of seasoned singers take a chance, with Deniece from Five Star gaining a place. Newbie Aleks Josh also caught our attention with his voice and looks.

Aleks Josh, the lifeguard who got us swooning with 'I'm Yours' was one of the highlights of the night.

In last week's opening show, Sean Conlon from Nineties boyband 5ive tried his luck in the spotlight again, but none of the judges turned around.

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He's since got back in touch with the other members and a 5ive reunion is on the cards.

This week, we saw another blast from the past as well as a current musical star take to the stage.

Sean Conlon missed out on progressing in last week's The Voice / BBC/Wall To Wall

Deniece Pearson from family band Five Star impressed Tom Jones enough to get him to hit his button and turn to face her.

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She took Tom's tally up to six artists, with jokes from the judges about his "six bomb" gang of singers.

Deniece Pearson from Five Star took another shot at success / BBC/Wall To Wall

Deniece fared better than West End star Kerry Ellis, who's rendition of 'Son of a Preacher Man' didn't manage to impress any of the judges enough to get a button pressed.

The singer, who's appeared in a whole long list of musicals, got her name trending on Twitter in the UK but she wasn't able to progress any further.

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She took to Twitter while it was on to say she had a "great time" performing on the show.

Kerry Ellis didn't manage to impress the judges / BBC/Wall To Wall

Other acts did capture the coaches' interest, including Heshima Thompson, Vince Kidd and David Faulkner, all of whom got all four coaches vying for their attention. bagged Heshima for his team, while Jessie J got Vince and David in her line-up.

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Danny O'Donoghue wasn't without new acts, however, signing up our crush Aleks Josh, David Julien and Vince Freeman, whose performance of 'Sex on Fire' got the Kings of Leon song trending.

Tom Jones also grabbed Matt and Sueleen for his team, as well as Barbara Bryceland.

Vince, Heshima, David Julien and David Faulkner made it through / BBC/Wall To Wall

What did you make of this weekend's contestants?