‘The Voice took artists’ integrity’ says Simon-Cowell-signed Labrinth

The Voice was supposed to smash X Factor to be the top TV talent show on the box, but after an impressive start viewing figures have dwindled and team omg! can't figure out why.

the voiceLabrinth has spoken out about The Voice. Copyright [WENN, BBC Pictures]

We asked Simon Cowell's producing protégée, Labrinth to shed some light on why The Voice is failing to make waves and he believes it's all down to how the acts are treated.

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He said: "The Voice didn't present artists the way they should have be, they took some of their integrity when they started making them shout at each other.

"They were making the contestants sing as loud as they could — that's not great singing and it's not what you do when you are a performer or an artist."

THe VoiceThere are now just four artists left on The Voice. Copyright [BBC Pictures]

Labrinth who shot to the top of the charts (and stayed there for most of last year) with Earthquake didn't stop his mini rant there either, adding: "The Voice is supposed to bring the right thing out in artists.

"You don't want to turn talented people into clowns , that's not what talent shows are about."

Er, has Lab never seen Wagner? #justsayin

labrinthLabrinth is currently working with Coco Cola on the Olympic Torch relay. Copyright [Coco Cola]

The Hackney-born singer didn't always feel that way though, "I heard about The Voice and thought it sounded like a really cool show but during the live performance stages I didn't enjoy it.

"If the show can get back to where it was and what made it credible, then I've got respect for it."

Well there's two weeks to go, lets see if The Voice can do it!

We spoke to Labrinth as he followed the Olympic Torch Relay performing free gigs across the country with Coca-Cola