These Jessie J The Voice rumours are making us angry. We want her back!

While The Voice will be back for a second series, it looks like half the current judging panel might be watching from home.

Last year's judging panel. Copyright: [rex] and Danny O' Donoghue will nearly 100% be back.

This makes us happy for two reasons. Firstly, will is one of the most hilarious people we have seen on TV in a long time.

Secondly, Danny is FIT and hopefully might take his shirt off this series. Unlikely, but here's hoping, eh?

However, it's believed that Jessie J will not be back. Something that would be an absolute travesty, we are sure you would agree.

We think we are almost as upset as when Geri left The Spice Girls.

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Jessie made the last series and we just don't think we can watch the show in the same way without her. It would be like taking Harry Styles out of One Direction.

Jessie made great telly in the last series. Copyright: [wenn]

Mainly, we will miss her blazers. Love them or loathe them, we bet you will miss them too.

While she was a bit of a diva, that's what makes great telly and we want her back on ours!

It's still unclear if Tom Jones will be back, with two papers saying completely different things. One claims he won't be back on the panel while the other assured us he would.

But only if he has the final say on his fellow judges!

Tom Jones might be back. Copyright: [wenn]

Tom admitted to The Sun: "One of the things I said I need to know is who the other coaches are, because I don't want to be sitting there with somebody that I don't admire or particularly like… there are a few of them!"

Oof, get him!

So let's get this straight: Danny and will be back, Jessie probably won't and Tom is still up in the air. Got that? OK, our head hurts a bit.

Question is, new judging panel or not: will you be watching?