The Voice coaches to be axed ahead of next series? Eek

The Voice started off so well with 11 million viewers tuning in - but after those figures plummeted, BBC bosses are having to plan a major overhaul of the show before the next series.

The Voice, coaches, Danny O'Donoghue, Jessie J, Tom Jones, will.i.amAll four judges could be axed from The Voice. Copyright [WENN]And apparently, that overhaul of The Voice starts with culling all four of the judges - Jessie J, Tom Jones, Danny O'Donoghue and

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Rumour has it that BBC bosses believe that the coaches have failed to connect with the audience in the way they'd hoped, after The Voice lost 7 million viewers. Eek.

A source has said: "We've already paid £22million for two years so there is no ­question of it being axed.

"But it seems unlikely any of the current coaches will be back. The viewers haven't connected strongly enough with them."

Jessie J, The Voice coachBBC bosses feel that The Voice coaches haven't connected with the audience. Copyright [WENN]The source continued: "The show got off to a fantastic start, but the fans got bored of the same ultra-positive and unbelievably nice comments every week, and viewing figures tumbled."

However, has defended the show saying that The Voice's format may not make for great TV, but will produce good artists.

The Voice, will.i.amHowever, has defended the show, saying it will produce good artists. Copyright [WENN] said: "When singers go on the other shows, you're probably never going to hear from those people again. Why? Because their souls and their whole world has been crushed and they've been embarrassed in front of everybody. This one's different. I want to see every single person that walked off that stage proud and not battered and bruised, because this is their passion.

"That's why I like this show and this format. Maybe it doesn't make great TV, but it's gonna make great artists."

We guess it remains to be seen whether is right...