The Voice addresses Cheryl Cole rumours & denies Jessie J axe

Cheryl Cole and Kylie's names have been floating around in relation to a The Voice performance for a while now - and even more since they lost this weekend's rating battle with Britain's Got Talent.

The Voice addressed those Cheryl Cole rumours tonight/Rex

And tonight BBC One's The Voice has addressed reports that Cheryl Cole and Kylie Minogue will be performing on the show. Well sort of.

The Voice's official Twitter account made reference to the rumours - while saying, well, not very much at all *frustrated face*

Tweeting tonight The Voice UK said: "Lots of rumours flying around that certain artists will perform on #TheVoiceUK in the coming weeks, so time to set the record straight..."

Leaving us on tenterhooks, the account then posted: "Certain artists WILL be performing on #TheVoiceUK in the coming weeks. You heard it here first. #voicenews"

So basically nothing said whatsoever. Clever. We see what you did there.

According to reports both Cheryl Cole and Kylie Minogue are being drafted in to The Voice for the semi-finals on May 26 and final on June 2.

Yahoo! omg! asked back at the launch of the show whether there would be guest performers - and whether Cheryl Cole would be one of those performing.

And he told us "if she wants to".

So it seems like it all rests in the hands of Chezza as to whether or not she elbows Simon Cowell in the BGT ribs with a The Voice performance.

The Voice dismissed rumours Jessie J was being axed/Wenn

Meanwhile they also put paid to rumours that Jessie J is facing the axe as a coach, simply tweeting: "In other news, here's our in-depth response to the @JessieJ rumours... ERM NO. #TheVoiceUK"

Well that settles that then.