VIDEO: Watch Russell Brand flirt/lick/seduce our presenter Emily Hartridge

British comedian Russell Brand has set the rumour mill on fire after he flirted his socks off with Yahoo! omg!'s presenter at the 'Rock Of Ages' press junket.

The internet went wild with reports that Katy Perry's ex was dating a new brunette - after she revealed he licked her elbow during their interview at the Dorchester Hotel - and asked for her number.

And now we've got the EXCLUSIVE video evidence of their explosive chemistry.

Watch our hilarious video above which sees comedian Russell Brand flirt outrageously with Yahoo! omg! presenter Emily Hartridge throughout their 'Rock Of Ages' chat.

Russell pokes fun at Emily, saying he's forgotten her name before snatching a cupcake from her bag and throwing it the shocked presenter.

Next thing you know Russell is licking frosting off her elbow. Yes really.

And the cheeky funnyman is full of innuendos, responding to a quip she makes about getting a hard ride by retorting "you're gonna get a hard ride love".

Emily HartridgeEmily Hartridge got the full Russell Brand treatment. Copyright [Emily Hartridge]

But despite rumours the pair are getting it on, Emily has exclusively denied that anything is happening.

She said: "He's a really nice guy and really funny but I don't fancy him. I'm not interested and didn't give him my number. He's not my type. I don't give people my number I don't fancy."

Talking about the chemistry she said: "He was very flirty. He kept saying you're so beautiful and all that kind of stuff. It just kind of went from there really"

"I didn't really say hardly anything the whole interview. It was just him."

"He threw a cake at me and I threw one back. I bought everyone cakes that I was interviewing. I told him the cakes were for people I was interviewing after and he got the cakes, squashed them and threw it at me."

After the interview the pursuing continued. She told us: "He chased me out of the room after the interview and tried to kiss me in front of everyone. Afterwards his minder came and found me to get my number."

Rock Of Ages is out in cinemas NOW!