VIDEO: Victoria Beckham’s micro pigs disgust Miss Piggy

David and Victoria Beckham have pretty much every designer ware so when it comes to owning animals, only a designer pet will do. This is clearly the reasoning behind Posh purchasing two micro pigs, but her choice has offended one celebrity…

The world's most famous pig, The Muppets' Miss Piggy spoke exclusively to omg! about  the concept of keeping pigs as pets and needless to say she was horrified.

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Speaking on the subject Miss Piggy told omg!'s roving puppet reporter, Mr omg!:

"Pigs do not make good pets, no, that's just wrong.

"We're very independent creatures."

missy pigy the muppets

Once she'd recovered from the trauma of this news, Kermit the Frog's other half told omg! how proud she was of her diva reputation.

"I'm very demanding. I'm known to be something of a diva and am quite proud of it."

And Miss Piggy, Mr omg! LOVES you for it.

The Muppets movie is out now