VIDEO: Jay Z preps for Kanye West gig by hanging with Will Smith, Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora

When you're as famous as Jay Z you can pretty much do what you like, even if that means turning up to a party more than fashionably late and worse still, one you weren't invited to but that's exactly what he's done.

In the build up to Jay Z and Kanye West's gig in London tonight, Mr Beyonce has ensured he's at every A-list event in the capital starting with the Men In Black 3 premiere.

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On Wednesday night the red carpet went almost silent in shock as the unexpected guest of honour joining Will Smith and Nicole Scherzinger was none other than Jay Z.

The music maestro waved to fans but was quickly ushered along the red carpet so that he didn't miss the start of the movie.

Jay z in londonAfter hitting the MIB3 premiere, Jay Z headed to Zuma restaurant. Copyright [WENN]

We caught his grand entrance on video so we could share with you although he did nothing more than walk in superstar style! (The surprise of his presence was enough for omg! and Jay Z fans though.)

And just hours after, Jay Z was at it again, as he arrived at Zuma restaurant to meet Kanye West and Kim Kardashian- nicely interrupting their hot date.

Although the rapper was spared any three-is-a-crowd situation as Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian were also at the Knightsbridge eatery.

All we need now is for Beyonce to make a surprise visit to omg!