VIDEO: Cover Drive to prank JLS and Little Mix on tour

Watch out JLS and Little Mix because Cover Drive are all set to prank it up when they head off on their summer tour together.

The Bajan group, who were recently announced as touring with JLS and Little Mix this summer, exclusively told Yahoo! omg! that they are all set to prank their fellow popstars.

Cover Drive told us: "I don't really know how [JLS] operate on tour but if they're really cool then pranks all over the place, yeah."

And after revealing that they fancy the pants off Little Mix we're hardly surprised at their choice of practical joke.

Bar Man told us cheekily: "I wanna do a water fight".

Hmm Little Mix in wet T-shirts eh?

[Cue all the boys punching the air and looking pretty happy]

Amanda revealed that the male members of Cover Drive are especially pleased that X Factor winners Little Mix are coming along on the tour.

Cover Drive chatted to us about JLS/Little Mix and One Direction

She told us: "The boys are very happy about that."

But it looks like JLS are ALSO pretty keen on the fact that Cover Drive will be joining them. Well one member in particular *cough Aston*.

T-Ray told us: "I'm sure JLS are happy that we're touring with them because of Amanda."

Talking about Aston Merrygold having a good long stare at Amanda's bottom recently, she said: "I don't know what to even say about it. He was caught in the act.

"I think he was a little distracted. Next time I meet him I'm sure he won't be looking there."

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The Cover Drive gang have been spreading the Bajan style dancing love to a heap of celebs recently (Pixie Lott, Rita Ora and Chipmunk to name a few).

So do they think that Cheryl Cole is going Bajan in her new video 'Call My Name' when she shows some serious hip action.

Amanda said: "If she is [doing Bajan style] then props to her."

And would they like to teach her their moves? "Of course [we'd teach her] she's Cheryl Cole".

Cover Drive's new album Bajan Style is out this week