VIDEO: Woodkid - Exclusive Yahoo! On the Road acoustic performance

Are you ready for some huge strings and heartbreak? I think we're ready for some huge strings and heartbreak.

Woodkid is the stage name of French musician Yoanne Lemoine who initially made his mark with a variety of film projects, such as work with acclaimed film maker Luc Besson. Lemoine went on to become a highly sought after music video director, working with artists such as Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, and Drake. It was during a video shoot with folk guitarist Richie Havens that Woodkid made the switch over to writing music himself when Havens gifted him a banjo.

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This lead to the release of his Iron EP in 2011 where he made his unique neofolk sound known- a combination of booming brass, swelling strings, bombastic percussion and Lemoine's own weathered baritone. He continued to refine his musical craft over the next two years, culminating with the 2013 release of his debut studio album The Golden Age.

We here at Yahoo! On the Road are proud to present a pair of special exclusive acoustic performances by Woodkid of his songs, 'I Love You' and 'Iron,' captured in stark yet lush black and white.

Woodkid has rearranged the heavy percussion of the studio recording of 'I Love You' into a gently driving string section which underpins the lilting piano line and Woodkid's vocals which have a crinkled edge to them like dry autumn leaves. A gorgeous ballad of desperation and heartache.

The blazing brass lines of Woodkid's most well known song have been transformed into a snaking violin line which winds its way around piano chords which walk on tiptoes, seesawing double bass and cellos filling out the sound. Once more Woodkid's voice is the focal point upon which this delicate balance rests, shot through with a world weariness which belies his years and creeps from shuddering sighs to wrenching cries.

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Have a listen to Woodkid's latest album below and be sure to keep checking back at Yahoo! On the Road for even more exclusive content that makes your everyday a little less everyday.

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