VID: Glee cast chat to us exclusively!

We chatted to the Glee cast exclusively when they jetted into London town. Have a little nosy at what they told us about kissing Matthew Morrison in the morning, bromances and Glee Live pranks ...

What's been the response to the Glee Live tour?
Dianna Agron (Quinn): There's an overwhelming beautiful response that people have. It's clear they've been with us on this journey. There are these kids with little ties on like the Warblers or dressed like Lady Gaga. The louder they get the more you forget you're even a person.

Do you get nervous before you go on stage?

Chord Overstreet (Sam): No, we do pull-ups, we make jokes in the headsets, talk about Amber, talk about each other. It's the only time we get to work out.

You must have got even closer now as a group having now toured together?
Kevin McHale (Artie): Part of the reason the show works is that you see our natural chemistry together.

Dianna: There's a bond between us that makes us feel like brothers and sisters.

And Matthew Morrison (Mr Schu) is like the dad, right?

Dianna: Yes. He's the father figure to all of us. He commands what we're doing and we look up to him. He's both our teacher and our friend. This has been the longest time away from him. If we don't see each other for two days it's like two weeks, we get separation anxiety.

Heather Morris (Brittany): He is so funny. He'll come and take you in his arms and give you a kiss on the cheek in the morning and just make you so happy. You come to work and everybody's tired and he literally wraps you up and gives you the hugest hug and that's how you start the day.

Amber Riley (Mercedes): Sue [Sylvester] is too harsh on him. We love Matt. We're all a little more mature when he's on set.

Mark Salling (Puck): He's taught me you can be straight on Broadway [laughs].

There has been talk of replacing the whole cast for the next series. What do you make of that?

Darren Criss (Blaine): Blaine has had his time in the sun. I'm very lucky. I think it's time to focus on people that haven't had their chance to shine — including other Warblers. Or more from Tina and Mike. This isn't a show about just five people. I don't think we need any new people.

Naya Rivera (Santana): You gotta graduate high school. It's real.

Let's get down to some nitty gritty. Who do you all think is the best singer on Glee?

Darren: Easily best singer is Amber Riley [Mercedes]. I am also biased towards Naya Rivera [Santana]'s voice.

[The rest of the cast wouldn't be pushed on this question!]

You've had a heap of famous people (like Gwyneth Paltrow and Britney Spears) do cameo appearances on the show. If anyone could guest star, who would you want?

Heather: I just keep pushing Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids). It's not happening though.

What songs/artists would you like to cover that you haven't already?

Naya: I'd like to sing Adele or Stevie Wonder.

How do you all manage to stay in such amazing shape?

Heather: We all eat really well. It's gruelling on your body to do what we do. We drink lots of water and have deep conditioning hair treatments. You need carbs to sustain but it's hard to consistently eat the right things.

Yeah, you must have a guilty pleasures...

Heathers: Cheese burgers and peanut M&Ms are mine!

What's the craziest thing a fan has sent you?

Chord: Somebody wrote a book which had 100 different letters to me. It was 100 reasons why they love me with each page as one reason. If they love me that much, they seriously don't know me. (errr we beg to differ)

Do the guys ever pull any tour pranks?

Chord: Yeah I did one to Mark. I put cling film over the toilet seat. He tried to retaliate but I'm better at pranks.

Harry Shum (Mike Chang): Chord owed me money for a lads trip flight. I got $450 bucks all in one dollar notes. I got a room key to his hotel room and stuffed dollar bills everywhere, even in his shoes.

We sense a bit of a bromance going on here boys - tough love and all that...

Chord: [grins]. We watch a lot of bromance comedies together.

Harry:  We started hanging out and the cast told us 'look at them, they're having a bromance going on', 'you guys are meant for each other'.

Chord: I was the new kid coming into high school when I started. This guy welcomed me with open arms. So it's like I have to be nice to him now. (laughs). He's one of my really good friends, I get along with him great.

The TV show, the stage show, the DVD, what's next for Glee?

Harry: A Glee amusement park or Glee on Broadway. And we always joke about an episode where every line is sung.

Glee the 3D concert movie is in cinemas nationwide from 19th August

Glee Season 2 is out on DVD 19th September

We chatted to the Glee cast live!